Thoughts About the Past

from by Alyse Price-Tobler and Tania Rose

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Thoughts about the past.
This track looks at whether thoughts about your past are taking up a considerable amount of attention and whether it is a positive or negative experience for you. It contains practical advice on how to come back into present time.


I believe that if a thought or feeling arises for you that is quite uncomfortable while you are listening to this recording, the thought may be asking to be looked at, heard, understood and let go. Please don't fear it. Sometimes these thoughts and feelings arise for healing to begin to develop.The more energy you give to a negative thought, or a thought that scares you, the larger it may grow and will be trickier to soothe. When you first trust this new experience, it may seem a bit strange, but now is a good time to become 'the watcher of your thoughts' and try and understand that this is all a part of a deeper more healing process to take place if this is what you are choosing. When I refer to healing taking place, I mean past hurts and unresolved issues within you that have previously been painful for you.

Occasionally, when we quiet our minds, stories and feelings may surface that may become upsetting to us.
When we decide that we don't want to live with this pain, we can choose to look at the hurts and work through them.
This is known as 'journey work.'
If you are having trouble differentiating between a thought that comes and goes and a thought that comes and stays to worry or upset you, please consider seeking professional advice. Please speak to your GP or a friend and try and discuss how come this has upset you so. Please don't see stigma around asking for help.
Sometimes, when we start our own personal 'journey work', thoughts may surface that would like to be looked at. The first time I experienced this, I was very frightened and thought I was going crazy. After a few sessions with a counsellor, I learnt to listen to the thoughts and understand them. I learnt new techniques to settle them. After a while, I became really good at it and worked through alot of my pain by myself. Occasionally, over the years, I have still looked for clarification of my thoughts with a counsellor.

Thoughts are amazing! I have personally experienced, that once a thought feels as though it has been heard in your mind and body, it will settle if you let it know that you have heard it. To do this, sit quietly and speak to your body gently and ask it what it needs to move through this step with you. Please follow through on anything you tell your mind, as the conscious mind will believe and trust that you will follow through and support it toward healing the thought or feeling. Your mind and body will work with you toward a solution. This is known to many as 'walking the journey' and it sets us apart from those who do not wish to listen to their thoughts and feelings and choose other ways to deal with them, for example, distraction techniques, outbursts of aggression, bullying, withdrawal inwardly and drugs and alcohol to dull the pain.
"Walking the journey' is sometimes harder and more painful, but for me, ultimately, it allows me a deeper understanding of myself, a better and easier way to work with my own thoughts and feelings within my body and a healthier existence free of toxins dulling my senses. You will also find that the more that you work with your body and mind regarding feelings and emotions that come up for you, the memories will become less painful, dissipate and sometimes go away.
I highly recommend that you start on your own personal 'journey work' and if you choose to journey with us, there are millions of us all journeying together all over the world. Once you start yours, it will be easy to recognise fellow journeyers through their expressions of internal wisdom and knowing, their ability for self awareness, their higher emotional intelligence and extraordinary levels of empathy.
Can you imagine a world where there is no addiction, emotional pain, violence or anger? By starting your 'journey work', you are contributing to the changing energy and understanding of ourselves, creating a safer, more sustainable earth for our children.
Welcome to the club!
My sincerest thanks, Alyse.


from Still, released February 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Alyse Price-Tobler and Tania Rose Sydney, Australia

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