Colour Meditation

from by Alyse Price-Tobler and Tania Rose

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Colour Meditation.
This track features a longer muscle relaxation meditation requiring you to lie down or sit quietly in a chair. You will be asked to choose a healing colour. Some examples are: red for power, white for cleansing, green for revitalisation, gold for grounding, purple for peace, blue for calmness or any colour that you feel drawn toward.

During this meditation, if your mind moves away from the colour that you are imagining, and you become distracted by thoughts, don't judge the thoughts, they are not real and are just thoughts floating on by. Try not to follow the thoughts. Please just acknowledge them gently and let them pass on. If you find this too challenging, try and visualise the thought just sitting on a soft fluffy cloud, simply floating by. It is harmless and transient. It cannot hurt you. Don't follow the thought on the cloud.

After choosing a colour, you will be moved through into an exercise for deep relaxed breathing. This meditation can be paused at anytime if you would like to try and exercise greater control of your thoughts without background music. If you do pause the recording, you will become aware that your senses are heightened and it will take a few moments to adjust to the noises around you. Try and move your awareness back into your body and not to focus on the new surrounding noises, like cars, people talking, mobile phones etc. If you find that you are drifting off to sleep, and you don't want to, move yourself into an upright position, with your spine free of any furniture that you are resting against. Allow your back to support itself. You will find it hard to drift off if you maintain this position of an upright and vertical spine. When you feel ready to leave the meditation, please open your eyes gently and return to your activities. You will find that at first, your mind may not be used to having no thoughts and you may struggle a little, however, stay strong and over the course of the next couple of times, you will experience a change in your ability to clear your mind and you will become more STILL.


from Still, released February 10, 2016



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Alyse Price-Tobler and Tania Rose Sydney, Australia

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