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Brief overview of content
These recordings will teach you the following techniques:
How to become the kind, gentle, and loving observer of your thoughts, allowing for a more positive way of thinking to emerge.
How to settle and learn to live without anxious or depressive thoughts in your daily life.
How to break-free of negative thought patterns, and replace permanently with positive patterns.
Learn inner peace, tranquility, happiness and total calm through the use of practical and safe guided meditation techniques.
Empower yourself to become the master controller of your thoughts and imagination and choose to change your life!

"I've never, in my 50 or so years, been taught to go back to an empty mind space. Being in a state of mind with no memories or thoughts took me forever in the past, just to get to that place. Now i go straight to the time when I was born, with no memories or thoughts, nothing. Just stillness, and nothing but myself. I feel so much peace, just me...And the best thing is I can go there whenever i choose. I love this. If it can help me, then i'm sure it will help you. Thank you, Still *sigh*"
-Ex-Queen Of Anxiety

Dear friends,
Welcome to our latest recording on, how to settle your anxious thoughts and learn to be still. Anxiety thrives on anxious thoughts, which we often unknowingly feed. I truly believe that the answer is to find a way through to a calm mind.
Different techniques and professional therapies that feature within this recording, have worked for both myself, and many of the clients that I have had the privilege to journey with during my time as a professional Mental Health Counsellor and Psychotherapist. My words have been teamed up with the original soothing music by the very talented and world renowned Singer, Artist, Teacher, Music Composer and Producer, Tania Rose. (

”Great internal wisdom and creativity are born from self-empowerment. This is a beautiful gift for positive mental health that you can give yourself" – Alyse Price-Tobler.


released February 10, 2016

About the author

Alyse is a Professional Integrative Psychotherapist, and her specialist fields are working with people with anxiety disorders and rescue workers recovering from trauma. Alyse is available for personal counselling and psychotherapy, advocacy and work place consultancy to assist clients with mental health issues to stay in their professions.

Alyse Price-Tobler has a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy and lives in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia. She is currently in the final stages of studying her Master’s Degree in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy. Alyse is the writer and creator of the SEMPI Communication Model © written for people who cannot afford therapy and wish to develop their own personal insight. She has a life-long passion and dedication for her work amongst some of the most vulnerable members of our community. She has had an extensive 30 year professional career in the areas of disabilities, mental health advocacy and front line support.

Alyse is a fully qualified Counsellor/Psychotherapist and front line Crisis Worker/Case Manager. She has worked extensively in mental health as the Western Sydney DES Area Manager at the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW. Alyse is available to advocate for clients experiencing mental health issues and/or a disability through liaison with families and places of employment, to work through any problems they may be encountering, and to find practical solutions. This also includes working with other agencies to get the best outcome for her clients. Alyse believes passionately that people living with a disability and or a mental health issue should be included and supported within the work place, and all other areas among our community. This promotes feelings of inclusivity, self-worth, self-esteem, dignity and personal growth.

About the Musician

Tania Rose is a Professional Australian-based world renowned Singer, Artist, Teacher, Musician, Composer, Producer and Author, who has inspired millions around the world with music that reflects the journey within all of us.
Tania has been studying and teaching music for over 25 years, and her passion for living to the best of our potential is evident in the wide scope of her creative works. Some of Tania Rose’s collaborative projects include the multi award-winning Coral Sea Dreaming films (1992-2012), and composing for Ron and Valerie Taylor’s ‘Shadow Over The Reef, 1993’, conservation advocates and ocean experts.
Gentleness and power combine in movie-like soundtracks, unearthing a tenderness and an understanding beyond the complexities of the mind. Silence and the little things broaden into the vastness of space, unwinding and revealing hidden treasures within ourselves.
Tania Rose’s recordings include the world renowned sleep cd ‘Drift’ , ‘Secret Healing Meditations’, ‘Eclipse – meditations for change’, and ‘Little White Cloud’, music and meditations for children.



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Alyse Price-Tobler and Tania Rose Sydney, Australia

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